Cosmic Ambassador of Light by Kerry Cummins Blank 2020

Kerry Cummins Blank is an Intuitive Healer, Alignment Coach, artist and teacher.


A mystic at heart, Kerry has studied energetic and indigenous healing practices from around the world seeking common golden threads.  Her style is eclectic and has developed from her experiences in hundreds of client healing sessions.  

Kerry is passionate about the power of the mind when aligned with the heart, and expanding our concepts of what's possible in our lives.

She’s also a Shiatsu practitioner and has practiced bodywork and energy healing since 1997.

“My mission is to help people experience the connection between body-mind-spirit,

to offer powerful tools to ease and facilitate personal transformation,

to illuminate new possibilities, expand imaginations,

and to assist in the development of consciousness.”

Kerry offers Intuitive Healing and Alignment Coaching remotely. 

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